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Royale Play 2 |x| An AU Battle Royale RPG

Because we're AU and better!

Class 2B
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Welcome to Royale Play 2!
Status: Accepting claims.

Royale Play 2 is an alternate universe Battle Royale RPG, more of a what-if based off the novel. In this RPG, the 'school trip' never happens and the students go through school alive and well. Anything goes, this RP is just an excuse to have fun.

Making a character journal is required for this RP.

|x| Staff Members |x|

Administrator// goodbye_takako (funerals)
Co-Administrator// hello_utsumi (roppie_rei)

|x| Role-Playing Rules |x|
Before you play you may just want to read this, too.

01. Respect the admin (as well as other members). Being rude is a quick way to get banned.
02. Discipline of members is not your responsibilty. If you see someone breaking the rules report it to an admin and don't take matters into your own hands.
03. No god-moding. Plain and simple.
04. Type with correct grammar and spelling. A few mistakes are fine, we're all human, but every sentence is pushing it.
05. Try to keep your posts over 3 sentences. Come on, add description. =/ It's kind of hard to reply decently to something like 'And then I fell down. Ouch.'.
06. Swearing is fine, just don't go overboard.
07. Romance (of any kind) is allowed, however, if it goes over PG-13, please use an LJ-cut so we don't permantly scar all our members.

|x| Character Journal Rules |x|
01. All posts in your character journal must be in character. Treat them as a extension of the roleplay.
02. Comments are the same. If you're commenting on a character's journal, you must keep it in character. Kthx.

|x| Quick Links |x|

Character Claims Post
How to Post
An Explanation on Japanese Schools

|x| Affiliates |x|